quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010

DJ Nas`D - Get yourself high

 Ta awe b.boys outro CD de puro breakbeat, tudo que toca nas batalhas de b.boys no mundo todo..pode crê galera ta aew curtão de montãooo

Size: 62 Mb
Length: 46:07 min
Quality: 192 Kbit/s
Style: Funk/HipHop/Electronic
Release: 2007
Upload: by me

01. Get yourself high
02. I am back feat. MAKABU
03. Place to be
04. Like the stars
05. All the years
06. The jingle
07. Wildstyle feat. SPAX
08. What we need
09. One love one break
10. The little dancing child
11. He got the funk
12. Together forever feat. Dj TEE
13. It`s a great situation


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