sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011

DVD R-16 Korea Sparkling 2011 (HD-TV)

Total : 6.13GB (MP4, HD-TV, KBSN, 4CD)
International Battle : Popping Solo + Locking Solo + Crew Battle QF + Crew Battle SF, F

DVD Red Bull BC One Cypher France 2011 HD Quality

Total : 992MB (AVI, HD CAM, Cam By BTLS, Edit By BCD, 1280X720)
Battles : Round 1 + Round 2 (QF) + Semi Final + Final

DVD Raw Circles 2011 HD Quality

2ON2 CREW (Round Of 16 + QF +SF +F) + BONUS! Kids 2ON2 FINAL
B-Boy : Morris, Flexum, Menno, Focus, Lil Kev, Lil G, Xisco, Gravity, MN Joe ..etc..

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

DVD World BBoy Classic 2011 HD Quality

Total : 1.60GB (AVI, 1 FILE, HD CAM, Cam By World Boy Classic, Edit By BCD, 1280X720)2ON2 Battle (1Round, Quarter Final, Semi Final, Final)
B-Boy : Lilou, Hong 10, Morris, Yaman, Neguin, Nasty Ray, El Nino, Al One, P.A, Nono, Sunni ..etc..

terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011


Ta Ai a segunda mix de electro funk como eu tinha prometido..
Obs: Nessa mix Contém com exclusividade 20 minutos de beats selecionada a dedo só para poppers..

sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Ace-Rick dj Apresenta: The Best Of Beats 2011 (Instrumentais)

Ai vai uma seleção de Instrumentais selecionadas a dedos por mim ace-rick, todas em alta qualidade.!! espero que vcs gostem rappers..

B-Boy Machine - Legend To The Next Generation

 Format: DVD
Language: English
Run Time: 80 minutes
Rating: Unrated
From the entire West Coast and Red Bull BC One to the Notorious IBE, BBoy Machine has dominated breakdance battle after break dance battle to become one of the most respected new school bboys on the planet! Best known for his perfect blend of sky high energy levels, stylized power moves and powerful beat rocking flavor, prepare to get your mind blown by Machine's 80 minute solo bboy video! Featuring footage from: France, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada and the Netherlands. Bonus Features: Machine Exclusive Interview, Official DVD Trailer, Machine Rewind Remix Video, Rockforce vs Flava Squad (OFF Finals 07), Machine vs ATA and IBE Footwork Battle Highlights.

segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

BreakBeat Of B.girls 2011

ai garotas!!  um CD totalmente feito só para B.girls e finalmente terminado & postado agora só para vcs,, espero  que gostem dessa mix selecionada a dedo só para B.girls  ..